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The woman accused of running over and killing a Pea Ridge police officer Saturday was out of jail despite a history of low-level theft and drug offenses and a record of not showing up for court in Benton and Washington counties. Officer Kevin Apple was killed Saturday at a Pea Ridge gas station when he was hit by a Jeep and dragged feet, Women sex Pea Ridge to court documents. Apple, a Pea Ridge officer for three years who had 23 years in law enforcement, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Benton County prosecutors haven't filed formal charges against the two. The charges could be capital murder for Cash and accomplice to capital murder for Andazola. Cash has three open or reopened theft and drug cases in Benton County in addition to six in Washington County.

Most of them in both counties include failure-to-appear charges or probation violations. Officials released more people than usual from jails during the coronavirus pandemic to reduce the jail populations and the risk of transmitting the virus in the facilities, he said. Durrett said it was a combination of his preauthorizing law enforcement officers to write people citations for low-level, nonviolent felonies and release them and a huge backlog of cases stemming from the courts being closed to most in-person proceedings during the pandemic.

The criteria are that it be a nonviolent offense, local address, no failures to appear and no pending charges, he said. Cash failed to appear twice, but because of the backlog a warrant had not been issued for her, Durrett said. He said the criminal-justice system has been flooded with cases of people failing to appear for arraignments since authorities started releasing people on felony citations.

There also has been a spike during the pandemic in people failing to appear for their court dates. The figure excludes ones who failed to appear for Circuit Judges Mark Lindsay and Joanna Taylor's courts, who hear most felony cases, he said. Durrett said Cash's case is a particularly bitter pill because it led to the death of a police officer.

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A missed opportunity" to get her off the streets, he said. Benton County Circuit Judge Brad Karren issued a gag order in Cash's case, which prohibits prosecutors, police and defense attorneys involved in the case from speaking publicly on the matter.

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Durrett said Tuesday that he will revisit the felony citation system with judges and jailers to try to remedy the situation. There's no other way around it," he said. Durrett said he's not sure whether Cash's probation-violation arrests coincided with an arrest on a new charge.

So, I can't blame anybody else," he said. Durrett said one of the terms for release on citation for low-level felony offenses is the person not having a failure-to-appear charge. Helder said the arrests were made at a time when the jail was full and he had inmates sleeping on the floor. Helder said Cash's and arrests, five in all, did not show an outstanding failure to appear. Cash had a failure to appear inbut she was bonded out then by the Bail Project. The Bail Project is a nonprofit group that works to get people who meet its guidelines out of jail through the bond system.

Randall Denzer, jail captain, said the facility has been at full capacity for three years and had people when the pandemic began last year. They still have 40 to 50 people a night sleeping on the floor, he said. The murderers and the rapists and the sex offenders and all them? I hate it that she was up there in that car because we didn't have room for her.

Denzer said the jail likely would have had room for lower-level offenders like Cash had the Washington County Quorum Court approved a to bed expansion of the jail three years ago. Shawna Rhae Cash has had several run-ins with law enforcement in Benton and Washington Women sex Pea Ridge since Here's a look at the felony criminal charges filed against Cash. She has failed to appear twice and been arrested on the failure to appear twice, but has bonded out each time.

The case remains open. She was sentenced to probation. Prosecutors later moved to revoke Cash's probation, but she failed to appear. Cash was arrested on the failure to appear and bonded out.

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The case is pending. She failed to appear for court, but was bonded out. She later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation. Prosecutors later moved to revoke Cash's probation, and she failed to appear. Cash was arrested on the failure to appear and bonded out again on June 24, She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation, which prosecutors later moved to revoke.

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She failed to appear but was later arrested on the failure to appear and sentenced to probation on the original charges, which prosecutors later moved to revoke. Elijah Andazola, 18, of Bentonville was arrested in connection with accomplice to capital murder, flight-escape and refusal to submit to arrest. From left are Shawna Cash and Elijah Andazola. Cash was driving the Jeep and Andazola was a passenger, according to court documents. That said, the system failed in Cash's case, Durrett said.

Cash's charges Shawna Rhae Cash has had several run-ins with law enforcement in Benton and Washington counties since Source: Benton County Circuit Court.

Women sex Pea Ridge

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