Wants for a travel partner

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Looking to find a travel partner? For many people, traveling with a companion makes far more sense all-around. Your next task is to find someone to travel with! I want to highlight 10 of the best. The following options should provide ample opportunity to find the perfect person to have an adventure with.

Chances are, this would be the first source when looking for a travel companion. It makes total sense. After all, these are your nearest and dearest; the people you love most in the world. Being with somebody you trust, and who understands you from the outset, will help you navigate them. Moreover, you know you get on well together.

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But you avoid any awkward teething periods of getting to know someone new. People end up with different priorities. They might want to get straight into a job after university. They might want to go straight to university after school. Heck, they might just want to settle down and get a dog! And, as with most problems we have, the internet can hold the answers! Travel websites and apps like Fairytrail dating can be another great source of travel companions.

Obviously, there some weirdos out there too. Be wary of going for the first person who messages you and be sure to video chat with them beforehand. Facebook groups offer a similar source of people to travel with. Simply search for backpacker groups related to that specific location. Invite them to message you on Facebook. These groups a veritable treasure trove of information too. Be sure to have a browse around. Basically every country out there has tour companies serving the market. There are tours for specific locations, age-ranges, styles of travel, and so on.

These tours take the effort out of traveling.

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They often arrange everything from itineraries to accommodation. Sure, you pay for the privilege. Even better, you a bunch of other people looking for exactly that same thing.

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You explore the country, partake in activities, and share in the entire experience altogether. This is one of the easiest ways to meet people to travel with.

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Like the idea of hitting the road with a group of likeminded people? Want to do something for a good cause too?

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Well, you should consider traveling with a charity or NGO. Many organizations do awesome work in other countries. You can work in school and community settings, doing any of things. These organizations are often desperate for eager helpers. You a team of other people, all committed to the same task. However, something about it facilitates relationships. You naturally pull together and forge strong friendships with the people you volunteer with.

When your time helping out is over, you can decide to explore the country together. This is a really beautiful way to meet people to travel with. Please, before you commit to any volunteer work educate yourself on Voutourism to be sure what you are doing is ethically sound. Although you may have the best intentions, often good intentions actually miss the mark. This article on Voluntourism is a good starting place. People assure me that Tinder the popular dating app can, in fact, be used for more than meeting potential partners!

I guess it makes sense. You can set your location and see how far away you are from other people your age and with your interests.

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Most users might be looking for romantic meet-ups. Yet you can chat with them beforehand too. Not looking for love? Well, let them know! Swipe right, match with someone you like the look of and get talking. You can meet the locals through Tinder as well. Hanging out with locals is always a great way to really get to know somewhere new. You kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you can replenish your bank balance!

Secondly, you have the chance to meet some cool people at the same time. Often, the jobs you get on the road will be shared with other travelers. For instance, when I worked as a waiter in Wanaka, New Zealand, literally everyone on the team was in town on their travels! Constant movement makes looking for a travel partner that bit harder.

Getting a job forces you to remain in situ for a while, at least. Check out this post on Workpackers for volunteer work opportunities where you work in exchange for lodgings. Hitchhiking is one of my favorite ways to get around, though. It can take some getting used to. Nonetheless, in my experience, you almost always meet lovely and kind-hearted people looking to do a good deed. I got in for a ride, we got on well, and decided to Wants for a travel partner going.

Had I not had other plans, I would have happily kept on traveling with him. Whatever happens, you can guarantee that hitching is a one-stop-shop to new adventures. Hitchwiki is a great guide that offers you details on safety and average wait times. Almost everybody who travels will stay in a hostel at one time or another. Many others will use hostels as their primary form of accommodation on the road. But no matter how long you spend in them, you quickly realize hostels are the ideal place to meet people to travel with.

Hostels surround you with all sorts of individuals. Some will be totally different from you; many will be likeminded kindred spirits.

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Rather than setting looking for a travel buddy to adventure with, just enter into the experience of it and see what happens. As the suggestions above showcase, there are countless opportunities to meet people on the road. Be flexible, brave, spontaneous and intrepid as you go. Let the experience happen, and, somehow, the universe just seems to respond! Embarking on a solo trip is never easy.

The thought alone can be enough to make people want a travel companion.

Wants for a travel partner

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