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Want to Read. Rate this book. Seeker 2 Traveler Arwen Elys Dayton. Quin Kincaid is a Seeker. Her legacy is an honor, an ancient role passed down for generations. But what she learned on her oath night changed her world forever. Quin pledged her life to deception. Her legacy as a Seeker is not noble but savage. She was trained to be an assassin.

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And the boy she once loved is out for vengeance, with her family in his sights. Yet Quin is not alone. Shinobu, her oldest companion, might now be the only person she can trust. The only one who wants answers as desperately as she does. But the deeper they dig into the past, the darker things become. There are long-vanished Traveler is a seeker families, shadowy alliances, and something else: a sinister plan begun generations ago with the power to end the legacy forever. And it might destroy them all. More Details. Arwen Elys Dayton 6 books followers. She began her career as a teenage staff writer at a foundation that produced Peabody Award-winning educational shows for PBS.

Soon afterward, she began writing novels. She spends months doing research for her stories. Her explorations have taken her around the world to places like the Great Pyramid which she explored by flashlight when researching ResurrectionHong Kong and its many islands, lots of ruined castles in Scotland, and the cold cities around the Baltic Sea. She enjoys creating complete worlds inhabited by characters who charm, frustrate or inspire. Arwen lives with her husband and their three children on the West Coast of the United States. You can visit her at arwenelysdayton. She is represented by Jodi Reamer at Writers House.

Search review text. Displaying 1 - 10 of reviews. But what she learned on her Oath night changed her world forever. Her father, a killer. Her uncle, a liar. Her mother, a casualty. There are long-vanished Seeker families, shadowy alliances, and something else: a sinister plan begun generations ago, with the power to destroy them all. The past is close. And it will destroy them all. What I Liked: I gave Seeker four stars but in hindsight, it was probably more of a three-star read.

Traveler was better, in my opinion. If you had issues with Seeker, it's more than likely that you will enjoy Traveler more. This book seemed to make more sense! Sequels are often hit or miss in that aspect, so I'm glad Traveler was more of a "hit" overall. Shinobu and Quin are back in Hong Kong, with Shinobu slowly healing. They're being hunted by strange boys who move like Seekers but aren't Seekers. The boys are after the athame that the Young Dread gave Quin. But why? As Quin and Shinobu discover more from Catherine's journal, they begin to understand what is at play, what is at stake, and how history is becoming real again.

One of the things that really stuck out to me was how many perspectives there were in this book. We get Quin, Shinobu, Job, Maud the Young Dreadbut also some news perspectives - one of the boys hunting Quin and Shinobu, as well as a chapters that delve into the past, from the perspective of Catherine, John's mother. At first I was like, no way, this is too many! Quin, Shinobu, and John were enough! But as I was reading, the story really started to make sense with so many perspectives.

I don't think the story would have flowed as well as it did without all of those perspectives. I also really liked the historical chapters, which featured Catherine, approximately eighteen years before. Quin and Shinobu have been going through her journal, trying to figure out why Seekers are hunted. Year ago, Catherine was investigating the Traveler is a seeker thing, and so we get to experience her life eighteen years ago, before John was ever a thought in her mind. Usually I skip chapters that have "blasts from the past", but I loved reading about Catherine, and the information is so relevant and so necessary to understand the bigger picture.

Quin and Shinobu are easy because they're our classic protagonist pair. John was an antagonist in Seeker, but he has a completely different role in this book, and I like him more.

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We get more insight on Maud the Young Dreadand I like her a lot. The story gets a lot more complex, from Seeker to Traveler. The Middle Dread is dead, but as it would turn out, he has an army of young boys who are still waiting for him to come back, and they will stop at nothing to get the athame from Quin. These boys are called Watchers, and they are very strange. One of them, Nott, is very important Traveler is a seeker the story. I also found the world-building to be more striking in this book, the combination of fantasy and science.

Dayton has set up and manipulated a fascinating world! And the settings are very vivid and authentic. I'll talk about the romance now - I am SO pleased to say that there is no love triangle in this book. There really wasn't one in Seeker, not quite, though in book one, John and Shinobu are both presented as potential love interests. But in this book, it's all Shinobu, and it's almost impossible for John to make an appearance as a love interest. I like how defined and definite Shinobu and Quin's relationship feels.

It was strong in book one, but it is very solid in this book. Their relationship takes some turns that I really liked! The ending is something that I mostly expected, but the very last lines were pretty shocking. Dayton did an excellent job Traveler is a seeker laying clues and foreshadowing for readers to kind of figure out what the ending will entail, but I still found the ending shocking.

Cliffhanger indeed! I'll be tucking in for the long wait to Disruptor. I had a feeling about most of the ending but I still want to grab everyone and hug them close. Also, I will say that, while the beginning starts very excitingly. Not enough for me to want to put the book down though. But this book is rather long - about s - and at times, it definitely felt that way. I'm not sure about those who haven't read Seeker - maybe hold off? It's a great science fiction and fantasy series, and now that the romance is squared away literally from the start of Traveler, it's all Shinobu and Quin!

Rating: 3. Definitely worth reading, if you read Seeker regardless of if you liked it or not. I can't wait to read Disruptor! Jen The Starry-Eyed Revue. This sequel was balls-to-the-wall as explosive and dynamic as the first book. There's a lot more introspection into Cathryn's sp?

I listened to the audio motivations and what led up to her scheming for revenge. And what led to the Seekers becoming the murderers that they are now, including the Middle Dred's master plan. Some of the characters have redeemed themselves in my eyes, while others continue to make one bad decision after another. Not only do you get a more in-depth look at the characters, but you're also thrown right into the middle of the action and it.

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I liked this book slightly less than its predecessor, but that's likely to do with how some of the characters are behaving and has little to do with the actual writing. Also, the narrator is fabulous for this audiobook. I re-read Seeker via audio last year and I knew that was the way to go with this sequel. And probably the next book, too. Traveler is the sequel to the Seeker, which I read last year. I have to be completely honest with you guys, I have high expectations towards this book simply because I loved the book one. Sometimes, I do loved it, but sometimes, more like always, I do hated it because it seems a bit dull.

I liked how the romance between Shinobu and Quin was stable. No Traveler is a seeker relating to Quin's love interest, John. You wanna know why? Its all because it posses a lot of third person POV. In the first book, we only got the chance to explore the minds' of the golden trio, John, Quin and Shinobu, himself.

So yes, you read it right, we have six POV here written in third person in total. I liked how this book was planned. You can tell throughout the middle of the book that it was well studied and planed. You can see no flaws regarding to the plot. And like I mentioned above, John's famous mother, Catherine was given a POV that was set in 19 years before the present. Plus, he was a potential rapist of Catherine. I prefer the book one than this. And yes, I will patiently wait for the third book, Disruptor that will release in the year Compared to the first time I read this, from four stars, I decided to Traveler is a seeker this sequel five twinkling stars.

To be honest, this is one of the sequels out there that I truly love. One of the few times I'm doing an abbreviated review because it makes sense for how much time I spent on this audiobook. Much stronger than the first book, but still quite many flaws.

I am surprised by how I'm anticipating the next book in this series. Characterization varies. Shinobu's role doesn't really have as much distinction as the book because he's focused more on his relationship with Quin or injuredthough I liked the parallel with his struggles of power to his former drug addiction. Quin is still a rounded character, but oddly enough, she wasn't the standout character to me in this book. I liked her, and she has some decent action scenes and moments in the book. Catherine was by far the strongest character with motivations and painful losses - to me at least.

And her role clarified John's struggles and history much more. I thought the narrator was a decent fit, but I'm surprised by how inconsistent the pronunciation of Japanese words were. Sometimes she was right on point with the mention of names, but other times, it was like it reverted back to the incorrect word.

Traveler is a seeker

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