Swingers Personals in Dalmatia

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You can find hundreds of articles about sex tourism and "many hidden beaches" good for swingers in Croatia, but then they always talk only about Punta Kriz in Rovinj. We don't want to hijack the post but the question. Firstly tu2tu, compliments on an incredibly sexy profile, she is gorgeous! Secondly we are also interested in swinger friendly beaches in Dubrovnik as we will be there in June.

No swinger place in Croatia. Punta Kriz the only "swinger" place has 70 meters of rocks with single man Sorry for late reply.

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Then beach Krvavicaclose Makarska. But there are many beaches in Central Dalmatia where is likely to reach swinger's contact. Our options are Makarska riviera beaches especially Vrulja, Nugal and Krvavica. Regularly last ten years we've managed to swap in Vrulja in late August and sometimes in Nugal too.

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But Vruja is swinger beach with lots if action and you can have contact. Nugal was ones a swinger beach but now is crowded by ordinary tourists who want to see this beautiful beach, often promoted by various Internet sites as one of the 10 best beaches in the world. The problem with Vrulja is vicinity of Brela and Pisak so many families usually come there by boats, and take best positions good for swinging.

The situation is better in Jun and September.

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Home. Erotic Forums Create Topic. Erotic Stories Real Stories Fiction. More sw beaches in Croatia? Erotic Forums Lifestyle Swinging. Do you know any other beaches than Punta Kriz? Have you visited any other places there and can you tell us more? Thanks, hvala :. Like 1. Like 2.

Swingers Personals in Dalmatia

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