Room service at my hotel

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Over time, however, and more specifically in the early s, room service has become one of the most common services in accommodationand has ceased to exclusively symbolize luxury. The increase in the popularity of app-based delivery in the last decade has highlighted the high prices of the room service menu, but also the limited options it offers, with the result that visitors lose interest in this service and look for alternatives — even delivery from third-party delivery applications such as Uber Eats.

Or, by leaving the race, like New York Hilton Midtown Hotel did, which decided to stop offering room service sincedue to the low revenue it offers. Go through all the data from SuitePad that show how you can improve your room service at your hotel.

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This information is more important than ever, due to the global pandemic that has been such a major financial hit for hotels. But which are the fundamentals for the optimum in-room dining? First and foremost, it is important to include a dining table ideally for up to four people and deate the area where the customers can enjoy their meal. It is therefore suggested to ask your interior deers to specify their renovation des in such a way that there is enough space for the in-room dining area, in order to better promote the service. When it comes to a private dining experience, customers expect to be offered a high-end facility that will also follow all health and safety protocols.

Therefore, it is very important to provide your customers with special treatment over this. Tablecloths, towels, a fine set of plates and glasses, and even a small table decoration like a vase with fresh flowers, can surely increase the satisfaction and the overall experience. It must have the flexibility to offer dishes that can be consumed throughout the day and in some cases even at night. A recent SuitePad survey showed that the most preferred and most frequently ordered types of food within hotel rooms are Burgers, which rank first in Room service at my hotel, followed by club sandwiches, french fries, sal, and pasta.

You can see the of the survey in total, or even by hotel type, at this link. SuitePad is a company that provides in-room concierge tablets with built-in high-level software that facilitates your in-hotel communication with your guests. But how does this technology help you reduce costs while being more eco-friendly? Technology is an integral part of the hotel experienceand employing it to the benefit of the hotel, is a major issue.

In terms of Technology and Room Serviceit can greatly facilitate the ordering process for the customer, but also reduce the operational costs. The paper catalogues in the rooms and the need of customers to call the reception for their order is obsolete.

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The era of app-based delivery has been here for long and it shows no s of slowing down. It does not only make it extremely easy for visitors to choose the food they want, but it is also more eco-friendly as a solution. There are already several Delivery applications on the market that offer their services in the hotel industry.

Travellers are always looking for new travel experiences, but this does not mean that they should necessarily be related to the destination. Different experiences can take place within the hotel itself, or even inside their rooms. For some, Room Service does not seem to offer much experience.

By applying such practices, we immediately create an experience that many travellers would like to enjoy! These were four easy ways that can help you upgrade your hotel Room Service. Of course, keep in mind that no matter how good the room service is, it will not work without proper advertising and promotion.

Be sure to publish articles that highlight your service in third party media, or even on your hotel blog if you have one — which you should! Another way to promote — which is free, is your answers to the reviews, where you can highlight the benefits of your Room Service, and include various in-room experiences tips as well. Hotelier Academy publishes educational articles with the contribution of hospitality brands like SuitePad, which support the production of free content for the Hotelier Community.

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Being one of the top Hotel Technology Brands in the field of in-hotel communication, SuitePad sponsored this article that presents smart ideas for boosting your hotel room service sales, increasing your overall revenue. about SuitePad to learn how you can promote your company in Hotelier Academy Paris Sklavos Paris Sklavos is an Authorized Content Developer at Hotelier Academy, and one of the emerging professionals in the field of tourism, specializing in writing travel guides, hotel promoting articles, and educational content for hoteliers.

address:. Hotelier Academy Greece. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy. New in Hotelier Academy! The must-have amenities of a modern hotel room What an architect should keep in mind when des The 5 stages of hotel project management for a Hotelier Tips. Learn how you can upgrade the room service in your hotel and boost your sales, by following four special tips. You should always keep in mind that regardless of how pretty a dining table looks before the meal, it is always an unpleasant image to have a table full of used plates and leftovers, especially in the limited spaces of a hotel room.

For example, you can serve the meal in special room service trolleys, that the customers can roll out of their rooms once they have completed their meal. This way, you manage to upsell over the — already upsold — bottle of wine!

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No More Printed Material: The SuitePad tablet solution replaces the use of room directories, menus, and promotional material with high-level digital information. Hotels can apply those findings in their Room Service Upselling methods.

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It is always exciting to check on what other hotels do, in order to generate inspiration for your properties. Each package is a different experience, while all of them highlight the room service. Paris Sklavos. Paris Sklavos is an Authorized Content Developer at Hotelier Academy, and one of the emerging professionals in the field of tourism, specializing in writing travel guides, hotel promoting articles, and educational content for hoteliers.

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Room service at my hotel

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