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By loading the photos, you accept that Holland. From a beachside pyramid to bedding down in a snug sleep barrel, book an amazing stay in Zeeland. Are you searching for a holiday park with that extra touch? These are our faborite holiday parks with a real wow factor! Check out the castles you can stay in here.

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Book your own room at a hotel on the coast, in pleasurable Limburg, or surrounded by nature in the Veluwe. Special places you can spend the night. Can you already imagine sitting in the morning sun with a view of the water or a beautiful castle garden? Wake up in the middle of nature, romantically on a small boat or with the entire family in a tree hut.

Make your city trip even more special with an overnight stay in a deer hotel, former penitentiary, or your own city residence. Definitely something to start dreaming about now Load photos. Unique accommodations along the coast Unique accommodations Unique accommodation by the coast Add to itinerary. Spend a night by the beach in an industrial crane, safari tent or sea-view apartment. Unique accommodations 7 unique places to stay in Zeeland. Hotels 6 unique places to stay in The Hague Add to itinerary. Unique accommodations Unique stays near the Wadden Sea.

Sleep in a yurt, a historic lighthouse or a coastal lodge during your stay by the Wadden Sea. Family adventure Holiday parks The best holiday parks in the Netherlands. Unique accommodations Six unique accommodations for a holiday with children.

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From bowling and boating to archery and aviation, these quirky stays provide endless family fun. Unique accommodations 6 unique accommodations in Drenthe. Spend the night in a city villa, nature cottage, treehouse, or cozy box-bed. Holiday parks Center Parcs holidays with.

Experience the ultimate family holiday at Center Parcs with fun activities for kids of all ages.

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Unique accommodations Spend the night at a National Park or on a camping raft. Check out the 6 unique accommodation tips surrounded by nature. Turn it into a romantic fairytale Castles Spending the night at a castle. Unique accommodations Spend the night on the water in Flevoland. Or check out these accommodations right now Hotels Spend a night in prison. Unique accommodations Crane Hotel Faralda Add to itinerary.

Hotels Vliegtuigsuite Teuge Add to itinerary. Hotels Hotel New York Add to itinerary. Hotels Villa Augustus Add to itinerary.

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