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Title 10 U. Marine Corps to develop, execute, and issue such policy instructions as may be required from time to time to implement their t responsibilities in support of the MSG Program. Marine Corps updated the program fiscal responsibilities and support, counterintelligence, VIP support, equipment and logistics, and medical and dental support annexes see 12 FAM Exhibit B.

Under the authority of the chief of mission or principal officer, or deee, the RSO is the immediate operational supervisor of the MSG detachment for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. This officer determines specific guard requirements and coordinates them with the Marine detachment and company commanders and with the chief of mission or principal officer. The RSO may, on occasion, delegate any aspect of the operational supervision of an MSG detachment to a deputy or Marine seeking date for ball special agent.

Upon arrival at post of asment, the detachment commander and individual MSGs are under the authority of the chief of mission or principal officer. The detachment commander will execute such instructions and orders, either written or oral, as the chief of mission or principal officer or the RSO issues within the parameters of the current MOA.

The detachment commander reports directly to the RSO or PSO, in the absence of the RSO, on operational matters and on any matter adversely affecting the detachment or the security of the mission. They must actively support and supervise the MSG program Marine seeking date for ball. The RSO and detachment commander will ensure Marines are not ased as receptionists, couriers, mail clerks, vehicle dispatchers, switchboard operators, janitors, or any other duties that detract from their officially deated duties as approved by the MOA.

The RSO and detachment commander must ensure MSGs are not charged with the responsibility of supervising civilian guards, although MSGs may, on occasion, direct civilian guard actions to ensure established security procedures are followed; e. Although the detachment commander may assist the RSO insofar as primary duties and capabilities allow, the RSO will ensure the detachment commander is not charged with the responsibility for any of the following:.

The RSO will ensure MSGs are armed and are not ased to perform service functions which would normally be accomplished by household or mission staff. The RSO will write the duties and responsibilities of the ased Marines into the guard orders. The RSO will as MSGs to such duties as may be directed by the principal officer for the protection of lives and property in the event of a post evacuation. As stated in the MOA, Marines will continue to carry out such duties until the principal officer releases the Marines.

Government officials, as required. The RSO, with the approval of the chief of mission or principal officer, may as duties other than those ly described in this section to the Marines as may be required by urgent or security-related circumstances requiring immediate action. Such duties must not contravene established Department or Marine Corps policy and must not unduly jeopardize the safety or well-being of any Marine.

The RSO should apprise the detachment commander of MSG infractions or other situations requiring possible disciplinary or corrective action. Post personnel should report all incidents which may have security implications to the RSO. Where an MSG is involved, the detachment commander also notifies the company commander. The RSO coordinates any investigation in such cases. The report should include a brief description of the incident and comments or recommendations, as appropriate.

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Both the chief of mission and company commander have the authority to transfer a Marine from a given post for disciplinary reasons. Such a decision to transfer should be made in consultation with the RSO. All Marines ased to the Marine Security Guard Program require passports to travel abroad in support of the program. MSGs are entitled to participate in post language programs. Except where the chief of mission makes an exception due to the political situation or other factors, Marines wear the prescribed Marine Corps uniform while on duty.

To maintain proficiency, Marine security guards will fire their ased weapons every six months. This familiarization firing should be conducted at post of residence. Government see 12 FAM An RSO should oversee and assist with all familiarization firing. For more information on maintenance and funding responsibilities, see 15 FAM Posts assist MSG personnel in obtaining any necessary exit and transit visas for travel to their next asment and for any other travel authorized under the provisions of this subchapter.

A monetary award may be presented to Marine Corps personnel for an innovation, invention, or scientific achievement in accordance with E. See 3 FAM Letters of commendation ed by the chief of mission or principal officer should be addressed to: The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Washington, DC The RSO shall also issue special orders, in writing, to cover specific MSG duties required in certain circumstances that require immediate action e.

These orders will include instructions concerning the protection or destruction of classified material, as appropriate. In urgent circumstances or circumstances that require immediate action, the RSO may verbally direct the detachment commander or an MSG as necessary to address security considerations. The RSO will issue special classified orders, in writing, that will instruct MSGs how to handle persons seeking political asylum, particularly for those requests received after normal business hours.

THE U. Marine Security Guards are currently ased to deated diplomatic facilities worldwide. The Secretary of State delegated the functions vested by subsection a 2 to the Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security. Those security responsibilities include:. Government personnel on official duty abroad other than Voice of America correspondents on official asment and those personnel under the command of a U. Marine Corps. State Department: Asment of enlisted members as custodians of buildings in foreign countries.

Upon the request of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Marine seeking date for ball may as enlisted members of the naval service to serve as custodians under the supervision of the principal officer at any embassy, legation, or consulate. Marines serving under this agreement will be ased to the MSG Program. Those Marines ased to U. Limitation on the of Marines ased.

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Marine Corps Order The mission of Marine Security Guards is to provide protection to mission personnel and prevent the compromise of national security information and equipment at deated diplomatic and consular facilities. Marine Security Guards will be prepared to execute plans for the protection of the mission and its personnel as directed by the chief of mission or principal officer through the regional security officer. Concept of Operations. The Assistant Secretary will establish a policy framework and delegate such authority as is necessary to maintain these programs.

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At the direction of the Assistant Secretary and pursuant to the responsibilities for Diplomatic Security operations abroad, the Director of the Diplomatic Security Service may exercise the authorities of the Assistant Secretary. The MSG Program assists MCESG in resolving situations concerning compliance with the provisions of this agreement and in resolving situations where the utilization or safety of the Marines is in question.

The COM at U. The COM is responsible for the direction, coordination, and supervision of all U. Government Executive Branch employees in that country except those under the command of a U. The COM shall ensure that all U. Unless an interagency agreement provides otherwise, the COM must provide for the security of all U.

The COM will ensure the proper utilization, welfare, and living conditions of the detachment ased to the mission and provide support to the Regional Command personnel. The RSO is the immediate operational supervisor of MSG and will ensure that they are ased duties within the parameters set forth in this agreement.

The Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies, and Operations is the senior representative within the Marine Corps who has been delegated broad supervisory responsibility for establishing a policy framework for the MSG Program.

This officer will ensure that policies within the Program are consistent with those specified by the Commandant of the Marine Corps for the employment of security forces with respect to support to DOS. This Marine seeking date for ball is responsible for the screening, training, asment, administration, and logistical support of Marine Corps unique items, operational readiness and discipline of Marines ased to MCESG.

Commanding Officers of Marine Corps Embassy Regional Commands, exercise command, less operational supervision, of Marine Security Guards ased to missions in their respective regions. They are responsible to the Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Embassy Security Group for the training, personnel administration, operational readiness, logistical support, and discipline of Marines in their regions.

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They will advise the COM or principle officer, and other post management as appropriate, through the regional security officer, on the proper utilization, readiness, morale, welfare, safety, conduct, and appropriate living conditions of the Marine Security Guards ased to each mission. When deployed to any U.

A detachment commander DetComdr will be ased by the commanding officer, Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, to command and administer each detachment and to supervise and control Marine Security Guards both on and off duty. Implementing Directive. This document's direction will be implemented via the Implementing Directive. Implementing Directive Annexes. The Implementing Directive will be composed of annexes unclassified and classified to provide additional guidance for the execution of the MSG Program.

Policy Directives.

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Policy directives pertaining to this Program, issued by either headquarters, must have the mutual concurrence of the United States Marine Corps and the Department of State. This overview directive to the MOA supersedes all agreements, and will be reviewed every five years, or at the request of either party. The Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, and the deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies and Operations, Headquarters Marine Corps, will negotiate resolution of any funding or operational issues not otherwise detailed in this agreement. Implementation is subject to availability of appropriated funds.

This agreement is in force upon ratification by the deated representatives of the United States Marine Corps and the Department of State, whose atures are affixed below. The purpose of the Implementing Directive of this Memorandum of Agreement MOA is to provide the terms, relationships, conditions, and responsibilities of the U. Additionally, they provide greater clarity and detail in the aspects necessary for the successful execution of the MSG Program. The Implementing Directive will be reviewed on an annual basis, or at the request of either party.

The following annex of the MOA Implementing Directive has been added and is in effect as of the date this Directive is ed by the atory authorities:. For Department of State: For the U. Marine Corps:. Christian J. Schurman Randy R. International Programs Plans, Policies and Operations.

Bureau of Diplomatic Security Security. Date: April 18, Date: April 18, Equating Guard Workload Factor.

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Activations and Deactivations Including Figure 1. To explain fiscal policies as they relate to supporting the MSG Program.

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Marine Corps USMC that requires shared funding responsibilities with regard to formulation, execution, and reconciliation. Due to this unique relationship, overhead charges allowable under the authority of the Economy Act will not be charged to the Marine Corps. Those appropriations are:. Only obligated funds from that particular year, which are held in a Miscellaneous Obligation M9can be used for prior year obligations. If funds were not obligated by the end of that fiscal year, they will expire and will no longer be available for use. In the event that there is a remaining balance in the or s to be withdrawn in September of a given fiscal year, HQMC will be notified.

This base level will be adjusted for subsequent years to take into inflation, any exchange rate increases or decreases, and program expansion. All Washington based funding requirements will also be reviewed at this time.

Subject to the availability of funds each fiscal year, the Marine Corps will transfer the agreed amount of annual reimbursement less 5 percent to DOS within budgetary limits. After the mid-year review is completed, any remaining funds of the 5 percent retention will be forwarded to DOS in support of the MSG Program. DoD terms and conditions will be incorporated into contracts to which DoD economy act moneys are being applied.

Marine seeking date for ball

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