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Did you know there are more than a dozen job opportunities out there waiting for you to get paid to text flirt with men, and text chat for money on your mobile phone right now! As the title speaks for itself.

Also, are you worried about how you get paid for texting guyshow to avoid scamsand how to know if get paid to cha t jobs are for you? Stop worrying! In this article, I answer all your questions, and a lot more!

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Did you know you can make money taking surveys with Survey Junkie? Hope you find the information here useful! Note- If you like chatting and you speak English, you could very well get paid as an online teacher! I started as an online teacher with NO experience and the online schools just needed someone to practice chatting in English with their students. No lesson plans or grammar corrections necessary! The best way to learn a language is to practice it, by chatting away with other people! If you are interested you can do a quick hour online teaching course I did this one!

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I have not used the latter and reserve no judgment on what you want to do with your free time but please put your safety as your priority. I am merely providing you the resources so you can decide for yourself if you want to try it. ChatOperatorJobs is a platform that hires women to talk to other men at a given fee. You earn by Looking for you to text chat and replying to clients through typed messages only and not through phone calls or webcams.

You are required to be 23 years and older. If you qualify for this requirement, you can -up to earn by online text chat! Text Chat is a chat operating business connecting skilled and qualified texting operators to companies in need of qualified persons in charge. You are required to send a minimum of texts per month, with other roles including:. As being one of the biggest adult chat operators in the US, the company has very strict policies when it comes to flirting online safely and sharing non-explicit texting.

-Up here to get started. Chat Recruit is a platform that involves women being paid to talk to men online through adult phone chat, adult cam, and psychic phone chat. FlirtBucks is a website that focuses on women talking to men using a console. It offers paid incentives to women who enjoy socially interacting with men in a flirtatious and casual atmosphere whilst giving the opportunity to get paid to talk chat.

As a chat hostess, you can earn according to how much effort you want to put in, with some making it a side income and a full-time job. When ing up to FlirtBucks. If you are from the UK, good news here you can get paid to text chat uk jobs as the platform focuses on recruits from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, but other recruits are welcome but not guaranteed.

Lip Service is an online marketplace connecting quality chatters to online chat agencies. As this website is open to both genders, men working Looking for you to text chat this platform can also get paid to talk to lonely women for a given fee. To -Upyou need to fill and complete a pre-application form, submit your completed application and wait for approval and call from a Lip Service Text Chat Agent. Mygirlfund is a work from home chatting website for women to get paid to talk to lonely guys.

It provides a platform for men to interact with women via text and video chat, requiring the user to host live shows and replying to calls and text. The website prohibits you from giving out personal information, guaranteeing your personal safety. Clients purchase credit from MyGirlFund and donate them to you. In each given session, clients can donate anywhere from 50 — credits or more depending on how generous they want to be. As easy as clicking the -up and following the steps as follows. When getting started, you have to set up your profile using status updates, blogs, tags, offers, contents, and practically any means possible that can help market yourself.

Phrendly is a platform for people to earn money by flirting via text chat audio or video calls. You can send texts,videos, and voice calls without the need of sharing your phone or personal information. Also this company offers free text chat credits at the beginning which attracts lots of men who want to try out the platform, making it a popular site to start making money chatting with men. Each drink is equal to 20 sips which last around mintues. You will earn 0. Other options to earn money are through audio or video calls.

You must be at least 18 years old and add a profile picture to use the app. Also, all the personal information is never displayedhowever, to up you need to provide to the company the following information:. TexKings is a text chat job agency where women can get paid to be mobile text chat operators or phone operators.

You must be 18 years old or within the mature age of consent in your country with a legit ID to apply. Then click the apply button of your language and fill in your name, address, age, and if you have chat experience. If you are applying to be a text chat operator you need to have the capacity to type 25 WPM. But, if you apply to be a phone operator, you need to have a sexy female voice, a reliable internet connection and the ability to speak about adult issues freely.

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McMoney is an android app that helps companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars on aimless marketing campaigns by verifying its new users to test and improve their SMS marketing to all around the world. By installing the app on your android phone, ing up is for free.

The Free Eats Network is a platform that shares a lot of similarities to McMoney which you can do at almost any time. All it asks of you is to have your mobile handset switched on and available to receive marketing tests from large companies wherever you are. By registering your phoneyou consent to receive random and links from companies and are ready to start earning passively. Ispyplates is a platform again similar to the first two, with a small difference being that the app is compatible with most mobile phones. This company pays its users to receive text messages all over the US without the user even having to open the text message.

To -upyou can register your mobile and start earning already. In order to get paid to text your answers, you are required to instantly reply as soon as you receive a text. How to Get Started? IMGR is an instant messenger platform that partners up with brands, incorporating small emojis and promotional messages into texts people send amongst friends and family.

Users earn from collecting points, by sending or receiving a branded message earns you 1 point. This app is currently only available to iOS users only. KGBderived from the initials of the Russian secret intelligence agency. This platform pays its users called Special Agents to send and receive a text. To -upthis platform requires you to:. Listed below are platforms that offer users the opportunity to get paid to answer text message from clients seeking out answers to their questions:.

JustAnswer is a platform that provides answers to queries made by professionals from various backgrounds ranging from engineers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, etc. You are required to provide well researched, phrased, legitimate solutions and answers to questions related to your field of expertise. To -upyou are required to have good research skills and provide expert advice occasionally through phone chats and video chats. Fiver r is a marketplace for freelancers offering services at a given fee. This provides a great opportunity for individuals looking to offer text chat services.

It would also help to do a bit of research for you to set a fair and competitive price. As a chat therapist and psychiatrist, your main aim is to provide help and advice to clients in need of mental support. You need to have a smartphone connected to a reliable connection as your main mode of communication will be through text, telephone therapy, and Looking for you to text chat video chat therapy. Click to -up and earn from your mobile phone. Chat is a platform for coaches, influencers, and advisors working in various fields offering consultations with clients, fans, and followers.

Chat taking a commission in between. The -up process takes 3 minutes with no upfront fees or additional costs. Fibler is a platform that helps people find answers to their questions by connecting them with experts in various fields of expertise such as doctors, lawyers, coaches, etc. Your main aim as an expert in a specific field is to help individuals get answers to their questions.

While keeping in mind, the higher you charge will result in fewer customers and the lower you charge will result in more customers. Therefore, charging properly is crucial to how much you will earn. Doing a bit of research in your field of expertise will help you find the right rate. Having some experience and some background expertise will help a great deal when providing consultation to clients. Working Solutions is a platform similar to JustAnswer, offering jobs that will help companies with sales, customer, and technical support services.

Working Solutions requires individuals to have some experience in online chatting with solid communication skills and a professional manner. Hummr is a platform much similar to Fibler, helping to connect people that need simple questions answered to qualified experts. By answering questions that relate to your field of expertise, you can choose to answer questions over text or video chat and get paid in return. The more answers you offer, the more customers you will attract. To Looking for you to text chatdownload the app and set up an for visitors to see the services you offer at a fee.

With a large demographic sector mostly comprised of men, it comes as no surprise for these platforms to cater and satisfy demands by providing text, chat, and flirt service to men online. Most platforms generate revenues through these kinds of services, creating the need to hire individuals that are willing to get paid for sexting, to get paid to talk to lonely men, and get paid to text flirt is high in demand and on the rise.

Having some safety tips before ing-up will give you an idea of what to expect and how you can ensure your personal safety whilst being able to get paid to message online. As this is not a job everyone can do, before trying to get paid for text chatting and flirting with men you should ask yourself some questions such as:. Those are psychological and behavioral questions you should ask yourself before starting to chatting with men online to get paid.

Also, as this is a job, you need to check if you have the minimum requirements the majority of the companies require such as:. If all I have mentioned sounds like something Looking for you to text chat can do, you are all set to apply for the best companies to get paid to text flirt!

And, if not, check out the other text chat companies section where you can get paid to text chat without flirting. It is important you are aware not all websites and mobile text chat apps are trustworthy, some s that could indicate a company is not safe are:. All the companies you work for should at least permit you to work for free, and if there are paid memberships try them out AFTER you test the site working for free. If a company does not comply with its work agreements, it is best to cut the working relationship as soon as possible.

This means they are not professional; paying you less than the agreement, delaying the paying date, or stop getting paid altogether without notice. Avoid doing free work. In general, there are 3 kinds of ways you can get paid to text chat online:. So, as for the earning text chat process, some ways you can earn while you text chat:. Yes, you can get paid for flirting online using legit sites such as TextChat or FlirtBucks where you will get paid to talk to lonely men.

You can get started with one platform and once you get the hang of flirting online with men, move on to other platforms where you get paid better! You can find more information about how the program works and how to apply here: FlirtBucks Hostess Program.

With sites such as Rent A Friend you can offer Virtual Friend Services where you can phone text chat, and get paid for it! So, if flirting is not your cup of tea or you would like to explore other options you can check my article Get Paid To Be An Online Friend where you will learn about this unique way of making money!

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Are you ready to get paid to text flirt and text chat with people online? I hope this guide helped you find the best platform that suits your personality, and needs. All in all these websites, and apps are a great opportunity if you are looking to make some extra cash in your free time! You must be logged in to post a comment.

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