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North Korea has a well-earned reputation as one of the most tightly closed and rigorously controlled countries on Earth. Defector Jeong Young Jeong Young, a North Korean defector, said North Korean university students enjoyed a certain amount of freedom in dating and relationships. She was a married woman at the time she moved in with Kim Jong Il and was never recognized as more than his mistress. Famine brought prostitution Since that era, adultery, premarital sex, and cohabitation have become more prevalent among ordinary young people in North Korea, although homosexual relationships are still discouraged.

The famine of the s, which forced thousands of defectors across the border into China every year in search of jobs and food, brought in its wake greater openness about sexuality, but also a thriving trade in trafficking and prostitution.

Professor Lee Won Woong of Kwandong University in Kangnung, South Korea, said that the famine itself prompted many women to take up prostitution in return for food for themselves and their families. Many of these women, left on their own in society, are exposed to this rapidly changing sex culture. Prostitution is visible, defectors say, around train stations and in the saunas, karaoke bars, and restaurants in the bigger cities.

According to defector Kim Jinhee, who was a traditional medicine doctor in North Korea before she defected, the repercussions for some women of a new sexual liberalism without adequate social services can be severe.

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After the procedure, the health of the woman who has had the abortion needs to be monitored, but in order to evade unwanted attention, that is often avoided or overlooked. Lee said North Koreans of both sexes were also vulnerable to the negative side-effects of Chinese pornography, either from their time in hiding in China, or from exposure to smuggled Chinese adult material in North Korea, because they had little or no sex education.

The result was that many North Korean defectors living in South Korea were experiencing various forms of sex addiction after exposure to Chinese porn, Lee said. And North Korean women defectors, who were engaged in the sex industry as a way of surviving their transition through China, are often still involved in a similar line of work even after arriving in South Korea, he added. Talk about sex is just avoided. Original reporting in Korean by Jinhee Bonny.

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Looking for sex North Korea

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