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Warning: This post has nothing to do with travel, sorry, but I like to share other aspects of my life too! Today, this is how we meet people. Gone are the days of seeing someone cute on the street, or at a restaurant and going up and talking to them face-to-face. In fact, I can count on one hand the amount of people who have done this to me in my 28 years of life, at least while sober. Dating has drastically changed over the last decade. Dating apps have popped up everywhere, from Bumble, to the OG, Tinder, it appears that the only way to find love is through our phones.

I have been single for far too long to even remember now. However, having a companion, a constant plus one, someone to lounge around all day on a Sunday with, sounds pretty nice at this point in my life.

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I have been on dating apps since the beginning. I was an original user of Tinder when it launched inand when people my age were still ashamed to admit they were even on it. To be fair, I did take multiple breaks through those years, and had a lot of short-lived relationships with some great and not so great guys.

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So off I went, fully ready to swipe away, Bumble being my app of choice. This year alone I went on over 30 first dates. In fact, I had no idea I had even been on this many dates until I thought back to all the men I had met inand thought back to all the ups, downs, tears, broken hearts, and times that I wish I could fake a heart attack to get out of a date. Everyone feels refreshed after the new year, myself included, and I was ready to meet new people and put myself out there. In the beginning of the year I had a handful of very meh dates.

I met some cool guys, some of them got second dates, but nothing really clicked or got me excited until I met who we will call J. Do you know that feeling you get when you first meet someone and there is an instant connection? J and I only went on a couple dates, then he got really weird about what he wanted, and dating multiple people at once which news alert, everyone on dating apps is doingand I basically put him in his place. Fast forward to almost a year later and J still watches and likes every single post I post on Instagram. Hi J, I see you. Around this time I had also been laid Looking for one single girl from my job.

To the guy who was like talking to a wall, actually, there was a few of these To the one who lived too far away for it to work To the guy who got way too drunk on our second date Cheers to all of you! But the truth is, when you date, you learn a lot in terms of what you thought you wanted and what you actually need in relationships. This is where my next lesson of the year came in, when I met a guy named JB no, not Justin Bieber, this is just his nickname for this article. JB and I had so much fun together.

On one of our first dates we ended up extending it and spending 12 hours together just talking.

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We instantly hit it off. Again, a rare commodity. I never thought I was a girl that needed to go on fun dates and do things all the time with my ificant other. I realized how close doing things like that brought us together. What happened? How could someone just change their mind? Why should I even be surprised at this point.

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Literally been the story of my life for 28 years. Anyway, goodbye JB, and best of luck. Thanks for teaching me that I do need adventure and spontaneity in a relationship, just not with you. Feeling defeated, yet again, I hopped right back on the Bumble train and started to swipe. I went on a ton of mediocre dates, with mediocre peopleā€¦. To the ones I had nothing in common with To the one I spent four hours talking with and never heard from again. The guy who came so close to being the one or so I thought Ah ha!

I had finally found another one I connected with. Immediately A stated his intentions, we were looking for the same things, and I admired his confidence, along with the fact he had a good head on his shoulders. We both were in between jobs, and instantly connected. We spent hours, and days together at a time. To me, A had it all, and we grew close quickly given the amount of time we spent together. I could Looking for one single girl see a future with this guy. He checked all the boxes, and there was a deeper connection.

He could easily fit seamlessly into my life. Cue the wedding bells! Then out of nowhere, he began to push me away. Do I give him the benefit of the doubt? This one I took hard. For someone who you admired and thought respected you, to not give you an explanation. Swipe, swipe, swipe, and date, date, date.

To the one I hit it off with but was too busy working on himself to commit which by the way I respect, but also, this WOULD happen to me at this point Cheers to all of you. Dating in this era can be exhausting, disappointing, and some days I hate it. However, dating can also be motivating, fun, and teach you a lot about yourself. Girl, I hear you! I hate dating. If you ever need a guest, let me know.

I have some stories too! Definitely we will be looking for guests! Lauren I loved reading this! To ! You Might Also Like. Reply Katelyn December 18, at pm Girl, I hear you!

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Reply Lauren December 19, at pm Definitely we will be looking for guests! Reply Sarah December 19, at am Lauren I loved reading this! Fun summer activity in Toronto: Rent a standup pa.

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I may have overbooked myself with patio reservatio. What patios are you hitting this week? I have rese. KirklandLake Kenogami K. I really hope the whole cocktail-to-go thing stays.

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