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Wanna know something rather funny? Am sitting here trying to write but am totally distracted by the wetness in my panties. Yes I am rather too horny to focus on anything but wanting to masturbate. So while I sit here trying to think about what mood I am in my pussy is controlling everything today. Oh perhaps I did find the thing I wish to talk about. That little something I want to tease with. My panties.

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Sure someone out there is eager for some panty boy phone sex fun! The idea of sneaking into my laundry hamper and discovering a weeks worth of dirty panties. By the way I am over due to do laundry so my grey laundry hamper is a gold mine of undergarments. Getting lost in the various colours and styles but that doesnt matter to you for your looking for the perfect pair. The one that smells just right. Rather curious do you wear them while masturbating or are you more the type to wrap those sexy under things around your cock? Perhaps we should discuss this while I am making my current panties extra dirty for the laundry hamper.

I mean it would be a horrible thing to waste my wet pussy and horny mood by not masturbating in my panties. I know you want to know what I am currently wearing well they are bright pink cotton bikini style. Thinking the after effects of a long masturbation session as the result of a kinky panty boy phone sex call will show quite nicely in that cotton gusset, dont you?

I can model my cute boyshorts for you, crawling around in bed. Let you see how my ass hangs out the bottom or how the seam slips into my slit in the front. Or do you prefer seeing me shake my moneymaker in a skimpy black lace thong? I know you really nasty guys see the wet spot between my legs and just want to get your dirty paws on them.

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Get your noses deep in those cummy stains and sniff hard. Almost as hard as your pervy cocks are at the smell, huh? Slide them up over your thick legs and tuck in that teeny weeny. Listen to me tell you how to jerk you off through those cute girly things.

You just need to squirt your cummies all over the inside of those pretty panties in our dirty panty fetish phone sex! What flavor of fetish phone sex do you crave today, you kinky pervert? When you call me you know my fetish desires crave every kinky taboo thing you can dream up. Maybe you have a fetish for fuck me heels. Your cock twitches with every single click of my pretty feet in 6 inch stilettos.

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The sight of my ass wobbling above those spikes makes your mouth water. You want to beg to curl your unworthy tongue around my toes. Maybe your fetish runs even more taboo. You even sat and watched while he pounded my pussy right in front of you. Creampie fetish phone sex is the best when I sit on your face and grind my cummy cunt all over you.

Maybe you think your fetish phone sex request is going to be too far or too weird for me. I am telling you right now: it is not. The mild ones are fun times for everyone: tickling, spanking, stockings and heels. The ones where it gets midsized freaky can scare some of you off.

But I know lots of you pervs out there are drooling with anticipation to call for fetishes like big black cocks, feminization, and panty play. I even get wet when you get adventurous and start asking for socks, or blasphemy. Do you think you have what it takes to try me out for even your darkest fetish phone sex fantasies? My dirty mind and your kinky desires will lead us into deep dark holes to explore!

Are you kinky? Maybe a little twisted? Well, I am definitely a whole lot of both! I love to experiment with different fetishes and would love to do it with you in some hot fetish phone sex.

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Do you have a foot fetish and want a pair of sex hose covered feet with beautifully painted red toenails to lick and suck? Or maybe you want to tell me all about your favorite bras and panties and stockings and garters that you like to wear under your clothes to the office. Maybe you are an exhibitionist and love to have sex in public places in the hopes of being watched? Or is there a hot girl next door that makes you play the voyeur as you watch her underdress and rub her clit through her bedroom window.

I also love men with an ass fetish that want sniff and lick my pink bung hole. Just the thought of you burying your face or your cock between my sweet ass cheeks sets my juices to flowing!

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Fetish phone sex gets me so hot! Thinking about you living out your fetish fantasy with me on the phone gets me so excited and makes my pussy soaking wet. I would love to slip into my favorite black stockings with the lacy tops that are clipped to some ultra-sexy black and red garters.

Then slid my sexy feet into some black patent leather stiletto heels and nudge to toe into our balls and play with your cock. Then I could take them off and you could try them on! No fetish is too wild for this girl! I love fetishes of all kinds and need you to call me so I can fantasize about them with you in some hot fetish Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted sex.

I seriously love it when a loser calls me for small penis humiliation phone sex. I usually never know what I am going to do with a guy until he calls, but right now, all I want is for a guy with a micro dick to call me so I can put him into a pair of panties and show him off to all of my sexy girlfriends.

I know you love showing off your tiny cock for some reason. So yeah. I can give you that. So can my pretty girlfriends. And if I tell you to dance or wiggle or sing for us, you will do it. We all need a good laugh sometimes. And you can also the sex toy tester. You can use your pussy to show us how everything works. Get your panties on and tuck your itty bitty dickie inside them and then give me a call. I have a caller from Texas. He particularly loves when I go for a run or do yoga in them. He begs me to sniff them and describe the smell to him.

I hear him jerking off as I tell him about the sweet, slightly musky odor that I get after working out. He whimpers when I describe the delicate floral scent that invariably comes after a masturbation session. But I just thought that if he loved panties so much, he should wear a pair to the office. I had him call me right from the office for panty lover phone sex. I had him cumming in those delicate lacy panties in no time.

Now he asks me which pair he should wear every day. I really like the leopard thongs and the lacy black French cut, but we make sure to switch it up. I wonder how many of you are reading this and wishing it were you. It can be.

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I have been fantasizing a lot lately about panty fetish phone sex. I want to find someone so into wearing my lacy panties his throbbing cock explodes all over with just the thought of the lace against my soft and sweet skin. You want to feel my soaked cotton crotch briefs cupping your fuzzy balls and shaft? Tell me how much do you love the feel of the lace as I trace the head of your cock with it? I want you to tell me how your mouth waters when you think about all the women you pass every day, with their panties just waiting to be worshipped. I want to tease you with the thought of my panties pressed up against my softest bits… can you get so deep that you can imagine what they feel like?

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

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