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Young people are graduating into what could be one of the toughest job markets in decades. Unemployment is risingcompanies are freezing recruitment and the global economy is set to experience the deepest recession since World War Twoaccording to the World Bank. We spoke to graduates from around the world to find out how the pandemic has changed their lives, plans and expectations.

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She applied for a few jobs before Covid struck, but sent in the majority of applications afterward. Living with her parents instead of working, interning or living abroad like she expected, Dibb is focusing on building her skills by studying for the JLPT, a Japanese-language proficiency exam, and certificates in search-engine optimisation SEO and Google Analytics. This is the start of my career, and it's defined by what may be one of the worst recessions in US history.

But trying to stay positive is important for Dibb, something she is doing by trying to put the present moment in historical perspective. Things suck right now, and there's no denying that. But we're human. We persist, and we move forward. No one said that life was going to be easy.

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Jessie Dibb has applied to more than jobs in social-media marketing, copywriting and communications, but hasn't yet found a position Credit: Jessie Dibb. Daniel Bloch, 23, had always wanted to go to university abroad. One month earlier, he had been offered, and had accepted, his dream graduate placement with Airbus, specialising in project management. Many of his friends were not so lucky and have been laid off or have had graduate schemes cancelled. Bloch is keen to start his graduate job, but knows that given the current state of the aviation industry he has to consider the possibility it might get cancelled altogether.

In the meantime, Bloch has bypassed temporary work and started his own aviation consultancy business. He began by doing pro-bono work and has so far had clients including airlines, airports and non-specialised consultants. Daniel Bloch was set to begin his dream placement in September, but by May, his programme had been delayed by 12 months Credit: Daniel Bloch.

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Christiana Bella studied banking and finance at the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, but had always dreamt of working in the media. She graduated in February and was due to receive her in April, but a university strike followed by the coronavirus lockdown means she still has not received her grade, putting her entire future on hold. She was also due to complete a stint in the National Youth Service Corps NYSCa programme in Nigeria to involve graduates in nation building and development, but that too has been postponed.

Bella is currently looking for internships or graduate schemes while living at home with her parents, but has so far had no luck. Is there anything I can do to change that?

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Due to Covid, Christiana Bella hasn't even received her graduation grade, which has put her entire future on hold Credit: Christiana Bella. He says that the learning environment changed dramatically towards the end of his course; older teachers found it hard to move classes online and some wanted to continue classroom lessons in defiance of safety advice.

Their professors were either MIA and ignoring s, or setting deadlines for big projects with a small amount of time. For now, he is working on a six-month contract as a news reporter at a radio station that had once considered hiring him for a full-time role. Once Covid hit, the six-month placement was all they could offer.

Tim Kellerman finished a Masters degree in management and marketing at the University of Wuppertal in March. Staring his job from home was a very different experience to what Kellerman had been expecting. Tim Kellerman was due to move to Frankfurt to start a new job, but has instead has remained in his shared house in Dusseldorf near his university Credit: Tim Kellerman.

Despite the gloomy outlook, there are things graduates can do to help themselves, recruiter Jenkins says. First, adjust your mindset. You are good enough. Resilience is key in a tough job market. Next, get organised. Make sure your CV is in tip-top condition. Find people who have the job type you would like and ask for a virtual coffee. Job Search. The uncertain present and future for recent graduates.

Share using. By Jessica Jones 9th September Life has shifted amid Covid — and for the Class ofcareer prospects look different than these recent graduates could have ever imagined. What the experts say Despite the gloomy outlook, there are things graduates can do to help themselves, recruiter Jenkins says.

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