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Listen Listening In the middle of this large room on the top floor, four women sit on cushions. Antique pendant lights hang from a high ceiling that has intricate woodwork. Multi-paned windows let in lots of light. The women face two Burmese monks in brown robes and recite the five precepts of Buddhism. They vow not to drink or do drugs, lie, commit adultery, steal or kill.

Two Burmese monks lead a meditation in the ordination hall.

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Credit Alice Daniel. Indeed, the four women who are meditating are all retired doctors. It was built by first generation Japanese immigrants, the Issei. They were mostly field workers who were paid very little but still managed to fund the elaborate temple.

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But inafter much soul searching, the Japanese-American congregation put the property up for sale and moved to North Fresno. The Burmese-Americans bought it last year. The goal is to make it a monastery and a meditation center.

At the front of the hall is a colorful shrine with a very big Buddha statue. It turns out a mayor from a small Burmese town presented this Buddha to the city of Fresno in The city then gave it to the temple where it was stored after the Japanese American congregation left. Lin asked the former owners if it could stay with the temple and they agreed the Burmese Buddha belonged here.

Plus they were thrilled the new buyers were Buddhist. There are even two monks who traveled all the way from Myanmar to reside temporarily at the temple and teach meditation. Fresno local Kent Ng has rebuilt cabinet doors inside. And outside he points to some wood doors he replaced.

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You know Nice Guy? Nice guy. Funny guy. We head up a small stairway, through a door going outside to a large tree with heart shaped leaves. Well, not this particular tree.

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This Bodhi tree apparently grew from a seedling that was transported from Ceylon or what is now Sri Lanka. When the real tree died in India, it was cloned. One clone was sent to Ceylon. And that clone we got from Ceylon to here. I asked him how that happened. How did the temple get a seedling from a Bodhi tree in what is today called Sri Lanka?

Not me. It comes with the property. Along with the goodwill of the Japanese-American congregation who built and cared for this landmark temple for decades. KVPR Classical. Share Tweet. The historic Betsuin Buddhist Temple was built by first genertaion Japanese immigrants, the Issei, one hundred years ago. Alice Daniel.

Fresno morning wanna chat

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