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Should entrepreneurs ditch Instagram? In this episode get a breakdown of exactly how Instagram is keeping you in a cycle of create and consume Also, a life update since I've been out of office since February! Instagram: instagram. Grow your list from scratch: delleacopeland.

Why Entrepreneurs are ditching Instagram. The Marketing Minute with Dellea Copeland. Retroceder 15 segundos.

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Why are you ashamed of burnout? How is burnout different from depression or overwhelm? What makes burnout different as an entrepreneur? Why is burnout inevitable? Can you even prepare for burnout? Let's chat: www. Am I too ugly for YouTube? I'm confronting internalized white supremacist standards of beauty, self comparison to other "marketing influencers", and telling on myself for half-assing my business aka self sabotage.

If you've been feeling self-doubt or insecure, I got you. Tune in, this one is for you.

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Connect with me: www. How to Find Clients from Scratch I got laid off! I got laid off from my job, now I'm rebuilding my client list. Come for the marketing, stay for the tea!

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Message me at www. Want the secret to better marketing? It's not a secret, it's just not taught by your average marketing or business coach. Tune in to hear how I create successful and easy! Creating content, but not seeing ?

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If you're consistently creating content but not seeingget ready to shift how you've been thinking about your messaging! Also, get a behind the scenes reflection on where I am "plateauing" and how I plan to fix it. Slide into my DMs and start a conversation! Starting a new business? Need to reset your marketing?

Come chat with me!

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How I increased my struggling cash flow with my content and community. If your business has taken a revenue hit, tune in to find out my 4 strategies for bouncing back! Claim yours at delleacopeland. Ghosting sucks. Personal or professional, it all triggers the same inner child wounds. Here's how to deal with it and also a bunch of embarrassing stories about my experience being ghosted Stop getting ghosted, Storytelling For Sales: delleacopeland.

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I want to quit my business. In this ep, I'm talking about how I want to quit my biz, practicing radical honesty, and the truth about why I hustle. As always, let me know your thoughts on Instagram! Politica de privacidad Aviso legal.

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