Don t be lonely this valentines day

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Fiona Brennan, clinical hypnotherapist, is keen to remove the stigma that caring for yourself is selfish. File picture: Ruth Medjber ruthlessimagery. At this time of year, there is a strong focus on relationships. Very little is said about a more important relationship, the one you have with yourself. We have spent much of the past year separated from those we love, working from home without the support of our coworkers and friends and missing the most basic of human connections.

Brennan says she is keen to remove the stigma that caring for yourself is selfish. It really is the most selfless thing you can do, to take time for yourself because you then create a much more loving energy that you share with other people. Loneliness has been one of the biggest challenges for people in this whole experience.

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We are social creatures, even the most introverted of us needs to have contact. We need to be seen, we need to connect. Your mental health will definitely be impacted. I was heartbroken and scared. I questioned myself and I just felt so isolated in this big city without knowing a soul. A lot of the experience of learning to love yourself comes with time. Irish people are known for being self-deprecating and Brennan thinks this is a trait we need to suppress in order to support our emotional wellbeing.

The Self-Love Habit provides the guidance Brennan yearned for as a younger woman and offers a visual and auditory approach. Everything that is in the book is reinforced and concreted into the subconscious mind through the audio. Above all, Brennan says the time we spend now building a self-love habit will stand to us when we can meet others once more and share our love with them. A practical thing for people to do is listen to hypnotherapy or guided meditation on a daily basis to reinforce that mental training. Be a friend to yourself and when you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself, ask yourself that question: would I say this to a friend?

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This is at the heart of the book and the work that I do, especially when dealing with anxiety, stress, and fear, which there is a lot of at the moment. The daily promise technique is where you are open to accepting all the parts of yourself. That is huge. Spend two minutes and look at yourself.

What you want to do is look beyond the physical.

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This is a profound way to get to know yourself better and to become more at ease and comfortable with yourself. When you do this with yourself is has the ability to make you more at ease with others. Have five hugs a day and hold the hug for 15 seconds.

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The physical touch of hugging is hugely important for feeling safe and to release oxytocin, which is an important neurochemical that helps us feel love and safety. Make a mental habit and incorporate hugs into your behaviour with your loved ones.

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Don t be lonely this valentines day

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Single on Valentine's Day?