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Add Image. Please help! I am looking for a club that does dressage and some other stuff too- but mostly I want to be hanging around with adults in the game.

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Please let me know any info you may have! Hi there!

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I'm in my early 30s too! I don't do much in the way of events or anything, I mostly made it as a way to keep people from inviting me to their clubs all the time, haha. Poppy Moon is a pretty quiet and chill server which is one of the reasons I like it! I know that Freezing Crater is known as an "Adult Server", and there are a few clubs there that are mainly grown-ups and also do events and things!

Don't worry about your horses, they come with you no matter what server you hop to!

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In fact, I know many players enjoy server hopping rather than having a 'home' server. Any friends you have in your friends list, however, will appear as offline unless they are online and in the same server as you are. Skylar : Hi! Sept 12, GMT Rose Pearling : hey! Sept 13, GMT Rose Pearling : what's up? Sept 14, GMT Guadalupe Bluelock : happy anniversary sso! Sept 15, GMT Rose Pearling : happy 10th anniversary!

Minna Pinkfeather : Happy 10th anniversary! Kate Shadowstar : Holy crumbs It was like yesterday SSO was celebrating its 2nd Birthday Where has the time gone?! Sept 20, GMT Sept 26, GMT Oct 9, GMT Antonella Maclake : Hello! Oct 17, GMT This weeks Adult riding club forum It's time for more Marwari magic! September 2, Hello StarFam! Marwari Mood! How could anyone resist these majestic horses? These beautiful horses come with two mane styles unique to the breed and can perform a graceful bow if you click Spacebar when the horse is standing still.

It can also wear the oriental bridle, and is currently the only horse on Jorvik able to do so! New gear! To match the pretty Marwari horses, three new oriental bridles are now available in the Global Store and the tack store at Goldenleaf Stables! Also available in the very same shops is a brand new plain white show jumping saddle to use however you please! Time to get hyped for the Fort Pinta Festival! Have a great week! Link to The Forum Discord Server!!!! Forum Discord Link! Link HERE! Tick this box if you would like to allow other members to add images to your gallery.

Adult riding club forum

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