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This way we can all avoid the bad ones! Is there a way to fix the line wrapping? The text is stretching out to infinity such that I have to scroll sideways several times to read a sentence. When I right click on the entry, I do not get an option that says "Row.

DON'T use hard returns before your entry. This will throw the table formatting off and give everyone a headache. I am struck that there are no recent complaints about lack of contact, lack of reimbursement, rudeness, etc. The reason why this university is still referred to as a "public ivy" is beyond me.

Honestly, even the president Greg Crawford's dog, ironically named "ivy", deserves this title a lot more. The place attracts many garbage faculty with degrees from places you never heard of, yet still claims to be offering "first-class liberal-arts education". Your talent never gets valued here, because you are nothing but a teaching machine.

The upper admins particularly the current provost, Jason Osborne do not Adult bisexual personals Morris Chapel Tennessee pa less about the well-being of the university employees, and will take every opportunity to make budgetary cuts while staying on a filthily high salary themselves.

You have got to be kidding me! How can anyone possibly commit to such a place as long as there's any marginally better option? Just look at the many houses for sale right now; the town is getting empty as faculty flee one by one.

I also want to point out that this place has a very unfair dual-career policy. There is a crazy level of nepotism in the department I worked in; several teaching faculty only hold a master's degree and not necessarily in the relevant field but got the job ONLY because their husbands hold powerful positions in the department, and definitely not because they are competent themselves in any way.

They have horrible teaching evaluations, but there's nothing that could be done; they are immune. It's a pretty nasty game of power. You might have to downgrade to a J-1 visiting visa if you want to work here. During COVID pandemic, a few foreign faculty were ruthlessly fired while on an employer-specific H1B visa and had to leave the country. Recent searches in our department have almost all failed.

There is no shared governance of any sort. Shame on your so called love and honor. I took every chance to decrease expenses associated with the interview. Despite having a positive experience interviewing, meeting faculty, and giving the teaching demonstration, the department called all of my references and then ed me a day later to say that they had canceled the search--due to COVIDdespite the glowing recommendations.

Additionally, it has been hell to receive reimbursement for those pre-approved expenses, and s Payable has used every opportunity to reimburse far less than ly indicated. Why waste my time and my references' time for a position that they weren't sure they would fill anyway, only to avoid reimbursement at all costs at the end of the day?

The department was professional and accommodating; on the other hand, HR has been unprofessional and in need of a lesson on collegiality. Before visit campus visit schedule not sent until last minute. Only communication throughout was with staff person, no communication with Search Committee Chair invite to campus interview sent by staff person.

After campus visit, no communication at all inspite of me sending multiple s and no reimbursement either. They may not be aware of the basic etiquette of searches. The department of three full time faculty members have no respect for their sessional and junior faculty. The one genuinely nice faculty member is currently on a leave.

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They expect you to just take their abuse and accept that is the way the world works. They put you down to make themselves feel better, particularly one senior faculty member. Since I cannot mention any names, I will call her "fake nails," the fake "nice" personality goes well with the nails. You will be in for a shock, when she reveals her true character.

If you have good publications, you will see it sooner rather than later. While publications will get you hired here, they will not get you friends in this department. This was a really nice, supportive place when the faculty needed me to fix their program, but that all changed once I finished writing the course descriptions for their course catologues, course names, and assisted the faculty in updating their degree requirements.

Once they think they have their hooks in you, the corrupt institutional behaviour begins. The university and APBU president don't know anything about employment and human rights legislation in Canada. Their overt violations of employment law in Canada is unbelievable. The faculty gossip with students about their colleagues' teaching. If a student is angry with you, they will actually use statements made by other faculty you thought were your friends.

Most of the faculty get rewarded for teaching nothing in their courses.

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It's perfectly acceptable to play videos in your classes all semester. Even after holding two sessional appointments, the faculty never let you into their circle. You always feel like an outsider in this department and unworthy to be there. The faculty hold yearly teaching evaluations with the dean and two students.

You know nothing about this until the faculty appoint two students who hate you enough to actually slander you on the committee. When you try to defend yourself and even receive letters of support from students to prove those were slanderous comments, the faculty will treat you even more like an outsider and call you crazy.

This is, by far, the most toxic department I have ever been a part of and the administration is utterly useless in helping you. You have to make friends with people in other departments to survive Bishop's. The people in sociology are fake and get off on bullying junior faculty and trying to make them feel horrible about themselves.

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The only conversations you have with faculty involve them disparaging a instructor who taught your courses. None of the faculty have any experience teaching methods, so they base this opinion entirely on what students say, although they take opinions from students with the lowest grade in your course. I feel so bad for the contract instructor who taught my courses. When she applied to teach the aging course inI was present when "fake nails" ridiculed her application. She made fun of her for talking about taking care of her elderly mother in her cover letter.

This poor instructor has no idea how little the faculty of her. They make fun of her every chance they get. She teaches in the psychology and sports studies departments but has no idea that the sociology department will never hire her to teach a course again because of some rumours that probably are not even true. She teaches so many courses, there is no way there is any truth to what the faculty say about her.

She's been casted out of the department of sociology clique. Once your casted out, your dead to the faculty. A yearly evaluation can easily turn into a reputation smearing campaign if the two students hate you. The faculty will not tell you which students they select to assess your teaching to the entire department and dean apparently withholding this information is a requirement nor ask for your input on which students to appoint. If they are out to smear your reputation, they will appoint the least appropriate students to the committee: two students who were the least prepared for the most difficult course you teach, out of 12 classes, an upper level statistics course.

Yes, the university deems it acceptable to appoint students who have only taken one course out of 12 with you, have no actual mentorship experience with you to be able to present in the meeting, were not adequately preparred for your course, and one student had the lowest course grade. This is considered Adult bisexual personals Morris Chapel Tennessee pa fair and just practice at Bishop's University.

You have no support. The APBU is useless. If you are a victim of harassment and bullying, you are on your own and have to remain sane somehow. They use you to fix their undergraduate program and are nice to you when they need something from you. After they get what they want from you, they humiliate you and then expect you to be happy because you were selected for the position. You are lucky, lucky, lucky. You are lucky if you can keep your sanity. The faculty also don't care about their good students who are quiet.

Adult bisexual personals Morris Chapel Tennessee pa

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